How To Get FL Studio 8 XXL

FL Studio features a fully automatable workflow centred around a pattern-based music sequencer. The environment includes MIDI support and incorporates a number of features for editing, mixing, recording, and mastering audio. Completed songs or clips may be exported to Microsoft WAV, MP3, and the OGG Vorbis format using various high-quality sampling interpolation algorithms. Literally it's the best music making/producing/mixing program.

What's the difference between FL Studio 8 and FL Studio 9?

FL Studio 8 has a much better GUI. It loads faster than FL 9. FL 8 Has a more comprehetive pattern list. So, Don't use FL Studio 9.

Firstly, Start off by downloading following things:

Fruity Loops 8 XXL

WinRar   (uncompressing files )
You'll get some VST's // Synths at the bottom of this thread.

Step 1, Installing the Software

Start off by downloading the FL Studio 8 XXL. Once it's downloaded extract it to your desktop & open the folder "Fruityloops inst and crack". In there you'll find 2 files. Open up the

[Image: Image1-5.png]

Now the installer window should pop up. Press "Next".

[Image: Image2-5.png]

Press "I Agree" To the License Agreement. Fill in your wished name, Mine will be "killler".

Now, you're at the "Choose components". Use the same settings as me:

[Image: Image3-5.png]

[v] Desktop Icon - Creates a desktop icon.

[v] FL Studio as plugin - Uses FL studio as a collab plug-in.

[v] Asio4all - A VST. I recommend you have that ticked, perfect for hardstyle // tecno // trance music makers.

[v] Collab 1.1 - A VST. I recommend you have that ticked, perfect for hardstyle // tecno // trance music makers.

[v] Deckadace - A crappy VST, don't use it.

Once you have theese settings ticked, press "Next". The installation folder should be the default. I think it is:

C:\Program Files\Image Line\FL Studio 8\

Now choose the VST folder. Use the default one, I think it should be:

C:\Program Files\Image Line\FL Studio 8\Plugins\VST\

Good, You're pretty much done, Now select "Install" and wait for it to install. Once it's installed the ASIO4ALL installer should pop up.

[Image: Image_4.png]

[1] Press "Next".

[2] Tick the box "I accept the terms of agreement". Press "Next"

[3] Now we're at the component installing again, use theese settings:

[Image: Image5-3.png]

[v] Asio4All - A Hardstyle/Trance/Techno VST.

[x] ReWuschel - A very crappy add-on to Asio4All. Don't have it ticked.

Press "Next". Now we're at the installation path. Use the default path. Or something like this:

[Image: Image6-4.png]

Once it has finished installing, Untick the box "Run FL Studio". Now finally press "Finish".

[Image: Image_7.png]

Step 2, Cracking the Software

Open up the folder named:

Fruityloops inst and crack

Run the "XXL.reg" file.

[Image: Image8-3.png]

It should now ask if you want to add

Information to C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Desktop\Fruityloops inst and crack\ into the registry

Press "Yes", Now it should say that the information got added. Now run FL Studio 8. Should be the full activated version.

It should look like this:

[Image: Image9-3.png]

Now you can start making your own music! This program is advanced & it will take a few months to actually starting to get good at it. I've ben dealing with Fruity Loops 8 XXL for about 6 months now.
Step 3, Installing Other VSTs // Synths

** Only use theese if you're planning on making/producing/mixing hardstyle // techno // trance // dubstep music. **

z3ta+ [1000+ Hardstyle // Trance // Techno Synths]

U-He [Zebra]

magical8bitPlug3 <- Nintendo 8 Bit synth. If you love old blip game music, this is it.

Step 4, Learning FL Studio from Youtube

Video 01 - FL Studio Tutorials Beginner to Pro

FL Studio - From Newbeginner To Pro

And you can find more on Youtube & Google. ;).

Step 5, How To Install VSTs // Synths

Start up by opening a downloaded VST folder. Let's take z3ta+ for example. Run the installer, Select your VST Folder. I've mentioned that somewhere above. Install.

Now open up FL Studio. right - click any of theese:


Select: Replace -> More. Now press "Refresh -> Fast scan (recommended).

You should now see 1 new VST. In red. Named; "z3ta+". Press the unticked box and a "F" should appear inside the box. Shut down the list.

Now right - click any of theese again,:


Select: Replace & z3ta+. Now this should window should appear:

[Image: Image10-1.png]